Faith at Work: 72 Hours in Our Lives

by Ben Potter 21. September 2011 11:25

The "Faith at Work" blog series is created and written by Pastor Doug Kahl, LSSM's Organizational Chaplain. Look for a new entry every week!

Think of all the wonderful things you can do in 72 hours.  That’s 3 full days.  If someone gave them to you as a gift (which God does over and over again) what would you plan?

·        Curl up and read a good book or two?

·        Go golfing until you couldn’t swing another club?

·        Take your grandchildren to the zoo?

·        Write letters to friends you haven’t written to in awhile?

·        Go for a long drive with no destination or deadline?

72 hours…3 full days…they would fly by in a heart beat!  Unless, you had to figure out how to survive a disaster for which you weren’t prepared.  That’s how long it could be before vital services are restored in a major disaster; 3 days or longer.  It’s time to once again think about how well prepared we are to survive, on our own, for that critical 72 hour period.

So let’s begin by going over the basics.  First we need to have a kit; then we have to make a plan; and finally we need to be informed.  These are the basic activities at the heart of disaster preparation. 


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